What is useful in a specialized workshop?

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Each car workshop requires necessary equipment, without which comfortable work will not be possible. Even the simplest equipment can significantly facilitate your work and vehicle repair.

In a car workshop, in addition to such equipment as transport trucks, which you can buy on agromech.com.pl, is also important smaller equipment, which not everyone remembers, but which is extremely useful

It is also very important to have a set of equipment, which is not always the case, but it is very useful.

A set of wrenches

Wrenches are some of the most important basic mechanical tools that every auto mechanic and DIYers need. Almost all auto repair jobs require a wrench, so it is imperative to have one in your garage

Wrenches come in different qualities. It is best to purchase a set of wrenches manufactured from chrome vanadium alloy. They are strong, reliable and will be with you for years. If your budget is not enough, buy the strongest wrenches possible.


A screwdriver is another important basic mechanical tool in any workshop. This handy tool helps you handle screws. Flat and phillips are the most common types of screws. So you must have these two screwdrivers in your toolbox.

It is better to have magnetized screwdrivers. They hold the screw well when you are working in an awkward position. You also reduce the risk of losing small parts.


Having a hammer in an auto repair shop may seem unnecessary, but you will feel the need for one when working on a jammed vehicle part. Sometimes grease, dirt, and rust block certain parts. As a result, they require extra effort to give way.

In such cases, a hammer will provide great relief and prove to be an invaluable aid. Some parts are weak and may break if you hit them with an ordinary hammer. A beater will help remove these types of parts.


Many automotive jobs, especially when you have to work on tires, brakes, fuel tanks and other parts underneath the car, require you to lift the vehicle. In these cases, jacks are very helpful. It is an essential item in any auto repair shop. They help to lift the car with less effort.

You can find different types of car jacks in the market. Ideally, you should have at least two car jacks in your garage. Find strong and durable jacks. If you are working on SUVs and make sure that the jacks are strong enough to lift them.


Ramps replace jacks and stands if you want more stability. To lift your car, simply drive up the car and climb up the ramps. After climbing, place stoppers behind the wheels if necessary.

For oil changes and other maintenance under the car, ramps are appropriate. But there are disadvantages, too. Ramps will not allow you to lift your vehicle high. Also, if you’re working with wheels and brakes, lifting with ramps won’t help because they restrict wheel movement.

However, if you are a professional and make more profit from your workshop, it is worth installing equally professional ramps. If you are just a beginner, lack of ramps will not be a tragedy.


From inflating tires to air tools, oil compressors have many tasks to perform in an auto repair shop. So consider having this equipment in your garage. If your only need is inflating a tire, low psi compressors will also work well. For other purposes, it is suggested to buy one with high psi. They are expensive but will stay with you for a long time if properly maintained.

It is good to buy a portable air compressor. But if you don’t buy a portable one, extend the hose to twice the length of your garage. It will help you reach every corner of the garage.


Working in relatively dark areas is difficult even with a flashlight in hand. Flashlights are also important, but headlamps keep your hands free and make it easy to focus on work areas. Head flashlights are easy to focus on exactly where your eyes are.

When choosing a flashlight, focus on it being durable and rechargeable. Also, make sure the headband is stretchy and comfortable to wear. Flashlights with different brightness settings are better than regular lights. So focus on this versatility as well.


For electrical work in a car, a multimeter or multitester will be an essential tool for a mechanic. It helps to determine the current flow and identify dangerous hot wires. Analog and digital – both types of multimeters are available in the market. Analog multimeters show the reading with the help of an indicator. On the other hand, digital multimeters show the reading with digits of course.

Before buying, make sure that your multimeter can measure voltage, current, and also resistance. Invest a larger amount in this tool. Cheap ones can’t properly report the different parameters

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