What to do after buying a used car? Necessary repairs

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Right after completing all the formalities after buying a car and receiving the keys, we usually dream about the first drive in our new car. Before that, however, we need to take care of a few important things – duties first, pleasures second!

To-do list

Buying a used car is really only the beginning of the expenses. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration in the budget we have set up that cannot be overlooked. Ignoring these issues is a decision that you will certainly regret after a few years of using the vehicle. If you have already registered your car at the Department of Motor Vehicles, paid the tax on civil law transactions (PCC) and selected the appropriate insurance package, you should consider what necessary repairs we have to do. Here is a list of the most important things to do:

  • replacement of operating fluids,
  • replacement of filters,
  • replacement of timing gear.

The suspension and electrical systems may also need to be replaced

Maintenance fluids

Replacement of operating fluids in a used car is an absolute must. These substances after a few years lose their properties, and thus become useless. Old operating fluids may even damage the vehicle. The following should be replaced:

  • engine oil,
  • cooling fluid
  • brake fluid.

The most important task of engine oil is to lubricate individual, moving parts of the drive unit in order to reduce friction between them. It is very important to choose an appropriate agent recommended by manufacturers. What matters is both the quality, viscosity and type. On the market we can find mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic products. When choosing oil, it is worth checking at the source, which product will be best for the engine of a given car. The cost of oil for an average middle-class car is about 200 PLN.

Any failure of the cooling system can be associated with high costs. Therefore, a very important operating fluid is the coolant, which is responsible for collecting heat energy from the engine and transferring it to the radiator. For a 5-liter bottle of this substance we will pay from 20 to 50 zlotys.

Brake fluid has the task of transferring power from the brake pedal to the brake pads. The proper quality and quantity of the substance directly determines the safety of driving a car. If the brake fluid does not meet the requirements, the braking distance may be significantly extended. Excessive use of the specific can lead to many defects in the braking system, so it is very important to replace it every 2-3 years. If you buy a used car, you should do it right away.


Changing filters is almost as important an activity as operating fluids. During the inspection you should check the condition of:

  • fuel filter,
  • air filter,
  • cabin filter.

Clogged fuel filter will result in numerous failures, the cost of which may oscillate even around several thousand zlotys. In the worst case the fault can lead to complete immobilization of the engine. The most important function of the fuel filter is cleaning diesel or petrol. In the case of diesels, the consequences of not replacing the filter will be much more dangerous than in the case of gasoline engines – this is due to their design. Replacement of the fuel filter costs from 20 to 120 PLN.

As with fuel, the air must also be cleaned before it enters the engine. Air filters are used for this purpose. Their average price is about 50 zlotys.

Cabin filter is a very important element protecting our health against harmful substances in the environment. Polluted air gets inside the car through the ventilation system or air conditioning. For an average class of filters we will pay about 50 zloty.

Air conditioning

If you already decide to buy a used car, it will be necessary to take proper care of the air conditioning – if your car is equipped with it at all. Without efficient operation of this piece of equipment travel in hot weather will be extremely difficult. It is important to refill the coolant, as well as disinfect the system. In some cases, it is also necessary to replace the pollen filter

Timing drive

Engine timing is an extremely important mechanism. However, replacing it can be expensive. The valve train is responsible for supplying fuel and air to the engine’s cylinders, as well as carrying exhaust fumes to the exhaust ducts. In some vehicles, engines use timing belts, while in other solutions chains are used. The latter are much less expensive to repair, but replacement may be necessary for lower mileage cars.

Potential problems

In order to avoid unnecessary problems associated with buying a used car, you should only consider offers from sellers who are highly trusted and reputable among previous buyers. Otherwise, we risk numerous unpleasantness – after buying a car in poor condition, the list of necessary repairs will become much longer. It is worth before buying to verify the past of the vehicle. Defects invisible at first glance can cause us a lot of trouble.

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