Renault Arkana – characteristics, advantages, capabilities

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The French SUV has been reigning on Polish roads for a while now. It is a modern car that attracts with its unusual appearance.

It uses modern solutions that make it able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding lovers of four wheels. But was the manufacturer of this car up to the task and really created a perfect vehicle? We give the most important facts about the Renault Arkana.

Renault Arkana – appearance and equipment

This vehicle is distinguished by its wide stance, which is surprising, considering that the model was created on the CMF platform of the smaller Captur. However, the new Renault Arkana is wider and powerfully stretched, which speaks well of it.

It is a versatile car. Unfortunately, the sloping roof means that rear passengers may have a little less headroom than in classic SUVs. A big advantage of this vehicle is a large trunk, which has a capacity of 510 liters.

Renault Arkana – body and ride comfort

Unfortunately, despite the qualification of the Renault Arkana as an SUV, it does not have four-wheel drive. However, the car is equipped with a system that facilitates driving on slippery surfaces. The tires have a high profile, so driving the car on uneven roads is not unpleasant, and the passengers almost do not feel the bumps. The model is also equipped with a stability control system.

Renault Arkana – performance, drive and fuel consumption

Renault Arkana can be purchased in a gasoline version with a capacity of 1.3 liters. In addition, the engine is equipped with a turbocharger, so it is able to achieve a power of 140 hp. This is the most common version. A version with a hybrid engine is also available. Despite its size, the car does not weigh much – its weight reaches 1300 kilograms.

Its acceleration to 100 is 9.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 205 km/h. It is worth knowing that this is an economical car, which in the city can smoke up to 11 liters per 100 km. These are quite decent parameters for such a large and capacious car.

Renault Arkana – price and reviews

It would seem that this is a really recommendable car. Fuel consumption is, for an SUV, maintained at a good level, the equipment provides driving comfort, and additional systems take care of safety on the road. At what price can you buy it? It is available for about 123 000 PLN. The price may turn out to be higher if the future owner opts for a richer version.

Renault Arkana is a car that will be perfect for families. It is a vehicle that is ideal for both city driving and longer routes.

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