BMW X3 – is it worth buying 6 year old models?

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Buying a used BMW is usually a good idea, but it needs to be done thoughtfully. Let’s take a look at six-year-old BMW X3 models, which are quite popular for a reason.

BMW X3 – the hallmarks of BMW quality

The German brand BMW is recognized all over the world. It has a wide range of car models – from passenger cars, to SUVs, to sporty ones. All of them have many advantages – wear resistance, high performance, elegant design, etc. This is what they are known for. Many people when buying a car also take into account its price. This in the case of creations of the German manufacturer is quite high. Therefore, sometimes it is worth waiting a little until its price drops a little. At the moment, the amount we will have to pay for a used BMW X3 is between 60,000 and 80,000 zlotys. This should immediately attract the attention of bargain hunters – after all, we are dealing with a modern and well-equipped SUV.

Overall about used BMWs – brand opinion

The biggest disadvantage of buying cars (and not only) used, is the fact that they have already been used for some time by another person. Buying a model “from under the needle” we have a guarantee that it will work as expected. Second-hand equipment does not give us such a guarantee. We have no chance to know what exactly the previous owner did with it. Mileage is also of great importance here. Our model may also have hidden (also for the person selling it) defects, about which we will find out sooner or later – and probably in an unpleasant way. This solution, however, tempts us with a much lower price. All in all, when it comes to used BMWs, we should first of all determine what exactly we expect from the car and how much we are ready to pay for it. Every choice has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us to come to a conclusion which ones prevail in our case. So, let’s answer some key questions.

Is 6 years a lot for BMW X3?

BMW X3 is characterized by a considerable resistance to wear and tear, so unless we end up with a machine really tormented by its previous owner, we should not expect the need for drastic repairs. The solutions used in the X3 were used in its predecessors and have definitely caught on. In the case of six-year-old models, we are dealing with diesel and gasoline engines with xDrive technology (20i, 28i, 30i, 18d, 20d, 30d, 35d).

These are innovations that have been in development since the 1990s and (in other variants) support the engines of BMW’s SUVs and off-roaders. These engines generally enjoy positive reviews from mechanics – xDrive is not without its faults, but serious malfunctions are rare. A decently painted and corrosion-resistant chassis is another strength of this solution. It translates into durability of the car and makes potential repairs less likely. The most frequently breaking elements of the car (e.g. lighting) are relatively cheap and easy to replace, especially for a BMW. To sum up – a 6-year-old BMW X3 should not provide us with serious additional costs, as it uses very innovative systems.  

Is the equipment of BMW X3 sufficient?

Six-year-old BMW X3 models have quite interesting equipment. They are relatively “fresh” vehicles – and the SUV segment has recently become home to some of the most comfortable technologies. So what do we find in the BMW X3? First of all, we are talking about a very large trunk. It is as much as 550 liters of space. The regular shape allows you to use it 100%. If we are looking for an SUV that will serve us to transport a variety of goods, then the X3 is one of the best choices under 100 000 PLN, if not the best. It is also excellent when it comes to interior space. There’s plenty of legroom in the rear, while the body itself has been designed to give a sense of space and freedom.

The equipment itself is standard, with ABS, six airbags, stability control, velour mats, electric windows, immobiliser, hands-free telephone, dual-zone climate control, trip computer with iPod, cruise control, parking sensor, electrically adjustable mirrors, and much more. In addition, the interior of the BMW X3 has plenty of well-planned storage space, which is perfect for family trips on long journeys. The BMW X3 uses 225/60 R17 tires that handle off-road and city driving quite well.

The pros usually outweigh the cons – the BMW X3 is a good choice

What conclusion can be drawn from this? Basically, buying a used BMW X3 is the right choice. It all depends on the price and the degree of wear and tear of the particular unit. Make sure that you buy a car that has been used for its intended purpose and has as few defects as possible, which you will have to include in the final price of this purchase. When it comes to mileage – it is not always the most important criterion that should guide you when buying. It is better to find out how the SUV was used. For example, a different approach should be taken to a model which delivers food to an agritourism farm, and a different one to a long-distance family car. If you are looking for a SUV at a low price, which will be perfect for traveling with children – without a doubt you should choose the X3.


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