Delivery vehicles available at dealerships up to 3.5 tons – pay attention to them!

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Looking for the perfect van? Are you an entrepreneur and wondering which van up to 3.5 tonnes is the best choice? There are many models available on the market today, which makes choosing the perfect one not so easy. If you are wondering which model will meet all your expectations, be sure to read our guide and see which delivery vans you can find in the showrooms.

Toyota ProAce L2H1

This is one of the vehicles that is still in production and will certainly meet the expectations of many entrepreneurs.  The engine in this model has a capacity of 1998 cc. Its power is 112 hp. This car has 3 seats for passengers. The car has five doors, which makes it perfect for cargo. Some models available in the showrooms are equipped with additional modules to increase safety, such as:


    central locking,

    ESP (Electronic Stability Program),


On the market there are models equipped with modules increasing the comfort of driving, such as electric windows, USB port, factory radio, power steering or sliding doors. This makes it an ideal car for transporting goods while providing convenience and comfort for the driver.

Ford Transit Courier

Another great example of a cargo van is the Ford Transit Courier. You can easily find it in the showroom, as well as at many used car auctions. The engine capacity is 1495 cc, and it has a power output of 100 horsepower. In the car there is space for 5 people. This model takes care of the driver’s comfort while driving. It has a front-wheel drive and manual transmission, so it is able to meet the expectations of all entrepreneurs and employees of transport companies.


A very popular choice is the Iveco, which you can still buy from showrooms today. This delivery vehicle is available on the market in many versions. However, it is worth knowing that one of the most popular is the model with an engine capacity of 2999 cm3. Its power is 180 hp. A model with a tarpaulin and container is also available. Isotherms, tippers and boxes are also very popular. It is possible to choose a car for a trailer, a brigade or for transporting people. There are so many models to choose from that every entrepreneur will find something for himself.

Master Movano

This is a delivery vehicle available in showrooms. Vehicles in this series are available with a 2300cc engine. The power of the engine is 165 hp. Master Movano is a diesel with a manual transmission. This is one of the most popular cars. Rear-wheel drive makes this model slightly different from the other cars mentioned. In this case, the manufacturers also focus on comfort and driver satisfaction. The car is equipped with:



    central locking,


In addition, the car is equipped with a hook, on-board computer, cruise control and dual wheels on the rear axle. This makes it one of the best vans that you should pay attention to.

You already know what models of vans are waiting for you on the market and what their specifications are. Now it will definitely be easier for you to choose a car that will meet all your requirements and will work for many years. The choice is wide and varied, so you should familiarize yourself with the possibilities that await you.

(Photo: Toyota promotional materials)

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