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The basis of high sales is awareness among potential customers – the key nowadays is effective SEO, with special attention to conversion rate optimization. To be at the top of the search results list, it’s a good idea to order an SEO audit from a trusted enterprise SEO company, such as SEO services San Diego agency.

What is positioning?

Positioning is a set of techniques whose aim is to provide a given website with the highest possible position in search results, a greater number of potential customers reaching it by taking care of conversion rate optimization and cultivating optimization techniques so as not to lose the gained position, and this can happen extremely quickly. Taking proper care of this process allows you to reach a much larger number of customers – it is worth remembering that most users only look at the first few pages. Therefore, it is a key element of marketing for many companies, including car dealerships.

What activities consist of positioning?

An experienced SEO company knows the process of optimizing a website from the ground up. Looking at SEO services San Diego and their activities, we can say that the process of positioning is standardly divided into two parts: 

  • “internal” (on-site)
  • “external” (off-site). 
  • First Selection consists of collected, appropriate keywords, i.e. phrases that can be searched for by users looking for a particular item or service. Using them when creating content increases the likelihood that a potential customer will end up on the site.
  • Ensuring proper site security. Security of user data is extremely important to enterprise SEO company and search engine robots, which is why sites with adequate security, such as SSL certificates, are promoted much more often.
  • Responsiveness of the website, i.e. adjusting its appearance to different devices – especially mobile ones.
  • Location of the website and definition of the target group. These are important elements especially in the case of local websites, where the interest of people from a specific geographical area is important.

Positioning is also a task associated with acquiring links from sites with similar themes – this is the main element of “off-site SEO”. The combination of all these elements, along with appropriate on-page content and conversion rate optimization, makes search engine optimization effective.

What is an SEO audit used for?

According to SEO specialist SEO services San Diego, the list of tasks involved in SEO is quite long. Moreover, some parts of the process require a lot of technical knowledge and being up to date with search engine algorithms. For this reason, it is worth taking advantage of professional support – cooperation with an agency should start with an SEO audit.

What is an SEO audit, which is offered by an enterprise SEO company? It is an in-depth analysis of a website aimed at identifying possible errors and problems with positioning. SEO specialists are able to thoroughly examine the areas affecting the website position both directly and indirectly. After such an audit, a report is generated that indicates what aspects need to be corrected in order to improve the positioning of the website. This is also the starting point for defining a joint strategy between the agency and the company outsourcing the SEO work.

When should an SEO audit be conducted?

An audit, which is carried out by an SEO agency, is a solution for both new companies and those that have been on the market for a long time. Proper preparation of a website is of great importance for companies that want to attract their first customers, but maintaining the position is equally important for companies with an established position in their industry. Poor positioning, such as not paying attention to conversion rate optimization, can be associated with a decrease in visits to the site, and thus loss of customers to competitors. In addition, the algorithms that manage the order of pages in search results are constantly evolving to provide users with the best possible results. Therefore, it is a good idea to conduct an SEO audit every so often.

SEO audit for car dealerships

When running a car dealership, it is definitely a good idea to put your offerings online to reach a wider audience. In order for such an action to bring the intended results, one should take care of proper positioning. SEO audit and agency support is a solution that can significantly help in this.

main photo:  John Schnobrich/unsplash.com

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  • Anna Rooney 05.08.2022

    When I was just starting my adventure with optimization, I didn’t know what to do. That’s why I started with an SEO audit that I learned about from the website: https://sxo.pl/seo/. It turned out to be a pretty good idea. An audit helped me gather all the necessary actions in one place and create a marketing plan that made positioning easier for me. After a while, I can say that it is important to have a specific action plan in order not to get lost in the process. That’s why an SEO audit can be a good way to start your positioning.