Why is a used Toyota Aygo a good choice?

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Looking at the used car market, a Toyota Aygo may catch our eye. Can this small hatchback be a good option for us?

Toyota Aygo – where does its popularity come from?

The A-segment of the automotive market is quite an interesting place, reserved for small hatchbacks, whose main purpose is to get around town. This is where these types of cars feel like a fish in water. It is not a large market, but this makes it difficult for new models to bite into it. Toyota Aygo, however, has succeeded in this art, and although the real sales hit at the moment is the Aygo X crossover built on its basis, the small hatchback should certainly not be forgotten, especially in the context of the aftermarket.

The second generation of Toyota Aygo on the used vehicle market is really quite popular, and even 4-year-old models in a very good condition we are able to buy for as little as 30-35 thousand zlotys, and a good copy of the 2nd generation for even 25 thousand zlotys will be no surprise. But is it really worth investing in this car, and if so – what are the reasons?

Advantages and disadvantages of Toyota Aygo

One of the biggest advantages of the Toyota Aygo is undoubtedly its dynamics, which will definitely be welcome in the city. Although the acceleration time to 100 km/h is only 14 seconds, the acceleration in the lower speed register is really good thanks to a good gearbox, which is designed to make reaching 50 km/h really easy. In urban conditions, the engine is capable of burning as much as 7 liters per 100 kilometers, although it’s worth remembering that this is a really well-equipped car, so it’s considered quite economical anyway. Users of this car also highly appreciate the suspension, which is very comfortable and chooses bumps very well. The brakes are also a big plus, as well as the steering, which works without much resistance. The Toyota Aygo’s reliability is also an important feature, which is also an important factor.

Unfortunately, however, the Toyota Aygo cannot be considered a car without flaws. Space in the rear and in the trunk is also scarce, but on the other hand, this has allowed it to be really compact. Used engines also like to take oil, which we should pay attention to when buying a car.

Is a Toyota Aygo from the used market a good idea?

So, summing up all the issues related to a used Toyota Aygo, one can quickly come to the conclusion that this is not a car for everyone. It will certainly work well as a second or third car in the family for typical city tasks. However, let’s not demand miracles from such a car – Aygo has never been and will never be a family model, and in such a role it will definitely fail.

main photo: unsplash.com/Robin van Geenen

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