Family minivans for women. Which to choose?

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Minivans meet women’s requirements. More and more often they turn out to be perfectly suited to the role of a family car. Which models are worth betting on? We check used proposals.

Family minivans – cars appreciated by women

A growing family often faces a difficult task of choosing an appropriate car. Minivans are a popular solution for women. Why? First of all, these cars are spacious – they have a lot of luggage space, and this is crucial when travelling with children. Secondly, they are suitable even for large families, because they have from 5 to 9 seats. They often have the practical option of sliding the rear bench or configuring the rear seats. The design of minivans gives them additional space in the second row of seats and is responsible for roomy trunks. Which of these will work best? We know the answers

  1. Volkswagen Touran I

This model is extremely popular, and not only among women. Undoubtedly, its greatest advantage is comfortable interior with three seats in the second row, which in addition can be freely adjusted. In addition to the functionality of the car, high quality materials distinguish it. The simple shape means that while the car is not necessarily visually appealing, it does not age quickly, because simplicity never goes out of fashion. How is the Touran safe to use? In the Euro NCAP test, the car scored only four stars, but the retest has already passed with a set of five. The minimum capacity of the trunk is 662 liters. It increases significantly when the seats are folded.

  1. Citroën C4 Picasso

In the case of this model, the key is the high safety that the car provides for passengers and driver. The Citroën C4 Picasso earned a set of stars in Euro NCAP crash tests right away. This is a five-seat car with a spacious and extremely comfortable interior. It has three independent seats, placed in the second row. This makes it possible to transport three children in child seats. Of course, it is necessary to use relatively narrow seats to fit as many as three. The capacious trunk has a cargo capacity of 210 liters. A good engine or anti-corrosion protection also speak for the choice of this model

  1. Honda Jazz II

This model with a practical interior also has an attractive appearance, which for many women is of considerable importance. Trunk capacity of 380 liters, reliability, durability of components – all this makes the car an interesting choice. The mentioned reliability is proven by the high place in the TÜV reliability ranking for 10- and 11-year-old cars. Reliability for women also counts – rather few of them like frequent visits to car repair shops.

  1. Honda FR-V

In this six-person car there are two rows of seats. An interesting solution is the possibility of folding the middle front seat into a table. The capacity of the trunk is as much as 440 liters. The car can boast of high reliability. However, this model in Euro NCAP scored only four stars. It was presented by Honda as a competitor to the Fiat Multipla, which can also be used as a family car. However, the Honda FR-V is clearly the more common choice of women for visual reasons.

  1. Opel Meriva

This is one of the first minivans on the European market. This car defines the word spaciousness very well. The rear bench seat for three people can be transformed into two independent seats with an armrest. In addition, they can be easily adjusted and moved from side to side. Trunk volume is 350 liters, and the backrest of the bench seat, when folded down, almost equals the volume of the trunk. This makes it considerably easier to carry even exceptionally large items of luggage. What’s more, the front passenger seat can also be folded down.

  1. Mazda 5

This Mazda 5 is a practical performer with three rows of seats, and Mazda’s popularity as a brand is growing. The trunk space when using two rows of seats is 520 liters, and 110 liters when using three. The third row has very small seats, so it is possible to carry only children on them. Mazda 5 is characterized by low failure rate and high driving safety. Sliding doors, interesting interior design and up to five stars earned in Euro NCAP also encourage to purchase.


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