A safe car for a senior citizen from the showroom – here are our suggestions!

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Choosing a car for a senior citizen these days is not an easy thing to do. The multitude of models in various body types and sizes can lead to problems with making the right choice

In the following text we will try to make the selection of the most suitable car for senior drivers a little easier

What to look for when choosing?

Older people often have problems with mobility and general coordination. As a result, they need a car that is primarily safe, comfortable, and one that is easy to get into

Another important consideration when choosing the right car for a senior may be easy and intuitive operation and size. When browsing the automotive market, one may come to a conclusion that crossovers, popular in recent years, may turn out to be the right cars for seniors. Below we will introduce a few proposals from this segment of vehicles.

Kia Sportage

The first proposal is a very popular brand in our country, which is Kia with its Sportage model. Currently, the fourth generation of this compact crossover is available in showrooms. What is important, the position behind the wheel, as well as visibility in this car is very good. What seniors will definitely appreciate is the spacious cockpit and the comfortable boarding position that is conducive to the elderly. Additionally, there is plenty of room in the vehicle, both in the front and rear. This translates into a high level of comfort during the journey

Safety also stands at a high level. In Euro NCAP tests, the Kia received five stars. The car has also been equipped by the manufacturer with safety systems such as lane-keeping assist, a sign recognition system and automatic high-beam headlights, which will be a valuable convenience as seniors find it easier to forget such things while driving.

VW T-Cross

Another suggestion is a model from a German manufacturer, which is the Volkswagen T-Cross. This is a representative of the B segment. Its design twin is, among others, the Volkswagen Polo of the latest generation.

The vehicle is not large in size, built on the MQB A0 floor plate. This is another aspect that seniors should consider when choosing a car. In this era of fast-paced cities, small car sizes are at a premium

The interior shouldn’t cause any problems for seniors either. The driving position behind the wheel is high, and taking a seat behind it is not problematic either. Rear seat passengers should not complain about the lack of space, either for feet or overhead, because of the sliding bench seat function.

Safety, like its predecessor, is also at a high level, as the T-cross received the maximum rating awarded by Euro NCAP, namely five stars.

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai is another interesting proposition. The presented model from generation to generation enjoys unflagging popularity in our market. It is chosen by many drivers for, among other things, the comfort it offers its passengers. The seats and the rear seat are contoured, which increases comfort during the journey. The size of the car (265 cm wheelbase) means that there is plenty of headroom or knee room

The suggestions presented above are only a small part from the automotive world. However, certainly every senior should find the right car for themselves.

Main photo: Andrea Piacquadio/pexels.com

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