Does a car for a woman have to be small?

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Automotive folk wisdom says that a car for a woman should be small. This belief stems from the fact of stereotypes, quoting ladies as inattentive drivers, unable to park. However, a car for a woman does not have to be microscopic in size!

A woman does not expect a small size from a vehicle. On the contrary. A car for a woman should be big enough (especially inside) to easily carry a baby carriage, a child and shopping. Chic and elegance is also important, because women pay a lot of attention to the appearance of the car. Possible problems with parking can be solved by appropriate equipment – more and more often drivers (also men) use reversing cameras, sensors and parking assistants.

An example of an ideal car for a woman is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The car has beautiful and distinguished lines, a sizeable trunk, a reliable engine and the most important electronic functions that are needed for comfortable driving. However, ladies can also look among the SUV/crossover category (e.g. Nissan Juke, Qashqai) or hatchbacks (Skoda Scala).

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