Toyota Highlander – an SUV for the discerning

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The Toyota Highlander is the largest and one of the most impressive cars from the Japanese manufacturer. What does it consist of?

Toyota Highlander – about the car in a nutshell

Although SUVs have been experiencing their prime time for about a decade and a half, this does not at all mean that we could not notice any models of this type on the market before that. A perfect example here is the Toyota Highlander, which is the largest car in the Japanese manufacturer’s passenger range. Of course, before SUVs began to rule in Europe, they had some popularity across the Atlantic Ocean, and it was the US market that Toyota originally targeted with the model mentioned today.

The first Highlander was built on the Toyota RAV4 platform, which meant, among other things, that the vehicle featured only five seats. In contrast, we can already add that today the Highlander is able to easily transport up to seven people. Compared to the rest of the Japanese model range, the Highalnder can be considered a truly luxurious car – it falls into the E segment and features top technology and comfort. Behind this, of course, comes a high price, about which, however, we will say more in the next segment of this text.

What does the latest Toyota Highlander have to offer?

The Toyota Highlander is undoubtedly a car for special tasks, and it will easily find its way into many different applications. On the one hand, it will be perfect as a car for a large family due to the fact that it has as many as seven seats. Even if we don’t need as many seats, we can easily fold them down, and we are able to obtain a maximum loading space of as much as 1909 liters!

Such a large trunk, in turn, makes the Highlander also suitable for transporting goods. The towing capacity here is as much as 2 tons, and the intelligent four-wheel drive makes it possible for the Highlander to get to really many places without any difficulty. This is helped by a great hybrid engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters and 248 horsepower, which not only allows for dynamic driving, but also for coping with difficult terrain. After all, in crisis situations a torque of… 1300 Nm can be delivered to the rear wheels! And don’t forget all the latest comfort features and safety systems, something Toyota has undoubtedly become famous for in recent years.

Toyota Highlander – price list

Toyota Highlander is a high-end SUV, and we should not be surprised by the fact that buying this model can really cost us a lot. Even the lowest version of the Comfort equipment will involve an expense of about $55 000. The Prestige edition will cost a minimum of $60 000, while for the top Executive Style variant we will pay no less than $ 65 000. However, looking at the capabilities of this model, these are nevertheless really adequate and understandable prices.

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