What should I look for when buying tires?

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When buying new tires, there is a lot of information that manufacturers give us. Not everyone knows what to look for or what to consider when buying tires. Here are some tips!

Motorcycle Tyres

Tire size

They have a large impact not only on safety but also on riding comfort. They determine the handling of the bike, grip on the ground and braking distance. When choosing the right tires for your motorcycle, it is important to observe the manufacturer’s size recommendations. Excessively wide tires may compromise handling and stability.

Load index

This indicates the maximum load a tire can carry. Never purchase a tire with a lower load rating than that recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer. It is also important to select tires with the correct speed rating for your vehicle, which indicates the maximum speed to which the tire is rated.

Opinions of other users

Before buying specific motorcycle tires, it’s a good idea to read reviews from other riders. Often, you’ll find very detailed observations about how a particular tire performs in different conditions. An example of tires with good reviews is the michelin anakee 3.

It is important to remember that choosing the right tire is all about safety, but when you are looking for specific performance, it is the opinions of other drivers that can be most useful. Examples of other tires that have good reviews are metzeler roadtec z6 and michelin pilot power 3.

Car tires

Type of tires

There are three types of tires available on the market for your car: summer, winter, and all-season. Some people opt for the latter, or multi-season tires, primarily to save money. However, it should be taken into account that one set of tires will wear out faster. An all-season tire combines the characteristics of winter and summer tires, but does not perform as well as each of them. This means that in winter, for example, it has less grip than a winter tire.

When buying new winter and summer tires, remember to change them regularly and store them properly. They should not be exposed to rain and sun. Summer tires are harder than winter tires. Driving on winter tires all year round means more noise, less grip and faster wear. Driving on summer tires in winter is very dangerous.

When choosing tires, it is very important to choose the right size, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tire class

There are three classes of tires on the market:

– economy class – tires are the cheapest and maintain the minimum parameters that are responsible for safety and comfort. They are recommended for drivers who do not drive much. However, they are made of lower quality material than tires in the middle class.

– the middle class – the most frequently chosen class. A high level of safety and good material is provided here, as well as higher parameters related to braking length and noise. Tires in this class are intended for the majority of drivers who move a lot in and out of town and make longer trips several times a year.

– premium class – these are tires for people who require high performance and very good parameters. They are characterized by the best materials and the highest quality.

Choosing new tires, both car and motorcycle, is a very important issue. It is worth taking into account a number of the most important issues and do not suggest aesthetic considerations, but that the tires provide safety at the highest possible level

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