What can be done to prevent tires from wearing out too quickly?

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Both summer and winter tires need to be replaced from time to time. But what can you do to make sure they don’t wear out too quickly? Here’s how to take care of your tires so that they last a lifetime.

Maintaining proper tire pressure

The primary issue that plays a key role in keeping your tires in good shape for as long as possible is proper air pressure in the wheels. The biggest problem is pressure that is too low. Why? It causes excessive flexing of the tire, resulting in increased rolling resistance and localised overheating of the tire structure. It is also worth remembering that under-inflated tires are more prone to various types of mechanical damage, such as holes in the road or hitting a kerb. With all this in mind, remember to check your tyre pressure regularly – in winter you should do it at least once a month

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A flat tire

It is also worth mentioning how to behave in the situation when a tire punctures. If you see a message on your dashboard indicating a loss of pressure, or simply feel that something is wrong with one of your wheels, it is essential that you stop driving. Then replace the wheel or temporarily seal the tire, then go to a repair shop. This will increase the chances of getting your tire repaired, as driving even a few hundred metres with a flat tire can end up doing irreparable damage to it

Uneven tire wear

Uneven tire wear can also negatively affect the life of your tires. Therefore, if the car pulls or is reluctant to turn, the suspension should be checked and adjusted. Tires can also wear unevenly depending on their placement on the car, with front-wheel drive cars wearing the front tires faster than rear-wheel drive cars. The solution is to rotate the tires, which is a planned change of position every season. Remember also that the more dynamically you drive, the faster the uneven wear of your tires, and the more often you should consider rotating your wheels or tires. It’s worth bearing this in mind, especially if you own a heavy SUV, as it’s very common for these cars to experience excessive wear on the right hand side of the tires due to the greater stresses placed on them, for example when negotiating traffic circles

Tire storage

The proper storage of tires also plays an extremely important role in extending the life of your tires. But what does correct mean? Unused tires must be stored upright in a closed room, while complete wheels can lie on top of each other. Remember also that winter tires must under no circumstances be exposed to strong sunlight during the summer, as this will almost certainly cause the part of the tire that is more exposed to UV rays, to become covered with a network of micro cracks and to harden. Also, storing tires close to heat sources such as radiators and heaters is not the best idea.

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