How to keep your car and garage clean?

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Keeping the car in order is not only a pleasant experience on the road, but also an important element of driving safety. Clean windows and mirrors allow you to properly assess the situation on the road. If you are wondering how to keep your car and garage clean, read our article.

Keep your garage clean

Before you clean your car, it’s a good idea to make sure that your garage is clean too. It’s not easy to keep your garage clean and tidy, so it’s a good idea to use special tools to clean even the dirtiest surfaces. Cleaning machines are a good option to help get rid of dust, liquid and solid dirt.

Cleaning the car interior

The most important thing when it comes to car care is regularity. Regular care will keep your car looking beautiful for a long time. First of all, do a general cleanup – look in all the glove compartments, door pockets, unseat the seats. Then thoroughly vacuum the interior of the car. Rubber floor mats should be washed and allowed to dry. For cleaning the floors, for example, the vacuum cleaners offered by are good.

The next step is to clean the fabric parts of the upholstery and the seats. The latter can also be washed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this, the foam and water from inside will be removed quickly. Hand washing requires much more time. However, if the seats are upholstered with leather, you need to take care of them with special cosmetics. This will protect them from abrasions and cracks.

You can clean the cockpit with the help of special preparations or ordinary moistened wipes. The headliner and armrests should also be cleaned at least once a year. If your car has air conditioning, remember to change the filters regularly. This will prevent bacteria, viruses or fungi from floating in the air. Clean mirrors and windows with an agent suitable for glass surfaces.

Clean up on a regular basis

In addition to regular cleaning, it is very important to remove garbage on an ongoing basis, for example at the end of each day. Then take even the smallest items with you – a receipt, a plastic bag, a coffee cup. This can quickly become a habit and make it easier for you to keep your car tidy.

Special products

Car care products help prevent damage, such as rust formation and failure of car components. Special car cleaners are designed to be completely safe for the car body. There are professional preparations available on the market, for example, for cleaning car plastics. Deciding on complex solutions, you can choose from products:

– For car polishing

– For removing insects from windscreens, headlights and car body

– For plastic parts

– For cleaning the dashboard

– For cleaning the cockpit

– For the maintenance of the car boot

– For cleaning wheel rims and engines

The right fragrance

After thoroughly cleaning the interior of your car, it’s a good idea to apply a fragrance at the end to make driving comfortable. There are various types of car fragrances available on the market – from traditional “Christmas trees” hung on the mirror, to liquid fragrances placed by the air vent. The choice is very large, so certainly everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

Cleaning companies

If you do not have the time or inclination to clean the interior of the car yourself, you can leave it in the hands of professionals. There are many companies offering auto detailing, which will not only take care of the beautiful appearance of the car on the outside, but also on the inside


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