New car trailer for a passenger car – how to buy a good model?

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Let’s face it, the trunk of a passenger car is not designed to carry furniture or large tools to a construction site. So it is worth betting on something that will provide space for transportation. This something is, of course, a trailer, today we will talk about which one to bet on!

Laws about car trailer

Many drivers think that in order to be able to drive a passenger vehicle with a trailer, are necessary for this, some additional authorization. However, it turns out that the traffic law does not contain any information on this subject. As a result, anyone who has a category B driving license can drive a car with a trailer. However, two very important issues should be taken into account here. First of all, having a category B driving license, you are entitled to travel in a vehicle with a total weight of 3500 kg. Remember that the trailer and what is on it is also part of the DMC (gross vehicle weight rating). So you need to know how much the trailer itself, your car, and what is on the trailer weigh. What is more, each model of car has a different GVW set by the manufacturer – bear this in mind too. You will find this information on the registration certificate.

Dividing a trailer into light and heavy

Before you start looking at specific trailer models, focus on what you actually need. You have two options: a light trailer that weighs no more than 750kg and a heavy trailer that weighs more than 750kg. The latter must have an overrun brake. When choosing a specific model and adjusting its size to your requirements and plans for the future (it all depends on what you will be transporting), it is worth remembering not to exceed the DMC we have written about.

What to keep in mind when buying a new trailer?

First of all, the dimensions of a specific trailer – this parameter must be adapted to the dimensions of a specific passenger car. Of course also to your needs, but remember that its width can not be much greater than the width of the vehicle

Also pay attention to the payload. The higher the better, of course, but again our DMC comes into play, but also your needs. If you don’t need a trailer with a high payload, just don’t buy it, especially since the price always goes up with this parameter.

Construction quality is another aspect of choosing the right trailer for your car. Make sure that it is a model with a T- or V-shaped chassis. Find out if your particular suggestion has an adjustable chassis, which is more of a standard now with new models. In addition, make sure that all the flaps of the particular trailer have proper safety features. Also think about additional safety features, including a special tarp to protect your cargo from rain.


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