Sound Proof Your Car for a Peaceful Commute

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Do you have to drive every day, and do you get tired of the traffic noise? Believe it or not, there are simple things you can do in your car to make the noise less grating on your nerves so that you can enjoy your commute rather than dread it. If you want to enjoy your time behind the wheel, start by soundproofing your car!

What does car sound proofing mean?

Car sound proofing is any noise reduction method or material used to make your ride more peaceful. After all, you’re probably doing some listening of your own when you hit the road—whether it’s music, an audiobook, or that ultimate podcast. And if other people are in your car with you, you want them to be able to hear their tunes just as clearly as they hear yours. 

Why should I soundproof my car or van?

If you live in an urban area and spend a significant amount of time driving, soundproofing your car may be one of your best investments. Not only will you enjoy peace and quiet on your commute, but when you reach your destination, you’ll still be able to hear what’s going on around you.

There are two main elements to consider if you want to make your vehicle as soundproof as possible: materials and configuration. You might wonder why it’s necessary to use so many different materials: from double glazing windows down to laminated carpets or other forms of seat foam – especially if you find out that only about 10% of outside noise actually makes it into your vehicle, right? 

Well, there is still plenty of opportunity for improvement. The key lies in combining these materials in such a way that they dampen each other’s impact on noise transmission. In addition to using multiple layers, there are also various ways to place them within your car (e.g., by installing them behind seats). By doing so, you can absorb most of those remaining 90%. 

If done correctly, soundproofing will be an investment well worth its price tag!

What are your options?

There are various types of materials that can serve as the best car sound proofing solution. You might even be able to use some of them in other parts of your home. The following are just some ideas that you could work with: rubber, foam, silicone, fabric and more. 

However, keep in mind that each material has its pros and cons, so it is up to you which one you choose. Some will have positive results while others won’t make much difference at all. Choose wisely!  

Is it worth the investment?

Whether you’re a commuter, work long hours at an open-concept office, or just want some peace and quiet in your own car, it can be tough to escape your noisy surroundings. If you’re looking into soundproofing your vehicle, though, there are many things you need to consider. The first step is deciding if it’s worth investing in soundproofing at all. If you find yourself frequently annoyed by loud road noise or other distractions inside your car, then it might be time to look into soundproofing. 

For example, do you drive a lot? Are you planning on selling your car soon? Do you live in an area where road noise is particularly loud? All of these factors should help inform whether or not soundproofing makes sense for your situation.

Get the best sound proofing for van and car from Pro-Coustix

The products for best sound proofing for van and car are a combination of foam padding and sound deadening material. Pro-Coustix sells many different combinations of these types of products, so you can get exactly what you need for your vehicle. Pro-Coustix has kits with everything you need, or individual pieces so you can create your own custom system. 

main photo: Errico Piccarini

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