New Toyota Yaris – what will we find in the showrooms?

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Looking for a new car that’s perfect for city driving? Toyota dealerships have released new generations of vehicles that are very popular.

This includes the Toyota Yaris, which is able to meet the expectations of drivers who care about comfort and convenience in the car, as well as fans of ecological and fast driving.

Toyota Yaris – a car that works perfectly in the city

The modern Toyota Yaris is a car that is supposed to contain everything that every driver needs. The modern model is equipped with a naturally aspirated engine 1.5 It is able to achieve a power of 111 hp. Modern safety systems have been installed in the car, thanks to which the driver can feel more confident on the road.

Hybrid drive in the new Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is the only such car in this segment that has a hybrid drive. It is a 1.5 engine that performs well on city roads. It is able to perform really satisfactorily and what’s more, it makes sure that the driving is economical. With an impressive fuel consumption of 4.7-5 liters per 100 km, you can call this car economical

This is a vehicle that stands out for its remarkable design. In the car were used soundproofing materials, so while driving you do not have to struggle with vibrations and noise. This perfectly affects not only the well-being of the driver and passengers, but above all, the focus on the road.

A modern car for everyone

The new Toyota Yaris Classic is a car that is compact. This makes it easy to find a parking space where you can park such a car. So you do not have to stress about parking in the city, where usually there is a lack of free spaces, and those that remain free are small. A car of such a series will fit into them perfectly.

What are the advantages of the Toyota Yaris?

The first thing that attracts to this car is the bold lines and modern shape of the silhouette. This is a car that presents itself interestingly, draws attention to itself. In addition, perfectly refined silhouette is not only about the appearance of the car, but also comfort while driving. Ergonomics makes the car perform well in the city, but also on longer routes and at higher speeds.

Toyota Yaris – additional facilities

The new Toyota has been fitted with high-quality safety systems, such as Safety Sense, which allow you to feel confident on the road even in difficult conditions. At the dealership, you can opt for a vehicle that comes with winter tires with aluminum wheels. The tires are matched to the harsh road conditions.

Additionally, you can opt for rear and front sensors. This way, you can get more comfort and safety while parking. You can also add Toyota Touch 2 multimedia equipment, which means that the car will include navigation in Polish, as well as up-to-date maps that will help you reach your destination more easily.

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