How to save on fuel expenses?

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There are many ways to ensure that the expenses associated with filling up the car will not be a significant burden on the household budget. Motorists more and more often choose a driver’s bank, which allows to obtain additional discounts or access to valuable loyalty programs.

Bank driver – what is it?

Adriver bank is nothing more than a bank associated with a specific car manufacturer, such as Toyota. Although the offer of such an institution is addressed to every customer, motorists may count on additional favors – especially those who own Toyota cars or are planning to finance a vehicle from this manufacturer.

How to pay less for fueling your vehicle with a driver-friendly bank?

Wondering what a driver’s bank has to do with being able to make savings on fueling your vehicle? It turns out that you can actually gain quite a bit by using financial products.

  • Join a loyalty program

An example of this can be the program called “Tankuj Korzyści” (Refuel with Benefits) addressed to holders of the Moto Konto (Moto Account) offered by Toyota Bank. All you have to do is download a special application to be able to get your car refueling costs reimbursed – the cashback is up to 10%.

  • Take advantage of discounts

If, as part of the same loyalty programme, you decide to take out the Toyota Easy Credit for lower instalments, you can get a refund of up to PLN 600. The money you get this way will be spent on refuelling your car – this amount should be enough for even 2-3 months in case of optimal use of your car.

How else can you save on fuel?

Using the offer of the driver’s bank is just one of the ways to reduce the cost of fueling the vehicle.

  • Think about changing your car to a hybrid or electric version

With hybrid cars, your gasoline consumption will be much lower compared to a car with a gasoline engine. With an electric car, you’ll only have to stop at petrol stations infrequently – just to take a break during your journey.

  • Introduce eco-driving principles

The goal of eco-driving is to reduce fuel consumption while driving the optimum number of miles. This is not a difficult task – especially if you know the principles of ecodriving.

You should therefore remember to keep your speed as constant as possible, to brake the engine, to avoid short journeys and to change gear according to the speed of the vehicle.

Remember, however, that the savings resulting from ecodriving will not always be clearly noticeable. Much depends on how economical you are as a driver.

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