Micro vehicles for 16 year olds – our TOP 5!

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There comes a point in every teenager’s life when he or she decides that they have had enough of travelling to school or home by public transport and, like their slightly older peers, would like to be able to drive their own vehicle.

The only obstacle in the realization of this resolution is the fact of not being old enough, and thus not having a driving license. But do they have to wait until they reach the age of majority? Not at all!

Top 5 micro vehicles for 16 year olds

The B1 driving license category allows minors to drive suitable types of vehicles on public roads. To obtain it, you must take a practical and theoretical course and then pass a state exam. Category B1 allows teenagers to drive vehicles whose unladen weight does not exceed 550 kg, and also reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

Here is a list of five small cars that will be ideal for teenagers.

Microcar M.GO

One of the most popular microcars in Poland is undoubtedly the French Microcar M.GO. This is a small, two-passenger vehicle (A segment), which was introduced in 2008. It is characterized by a charming silhouette, somewhat reminiscent of the Fiat 500. It is available in several versions – with a petrol unit, diesel or electric drive.

Aixam City

Another popular microcar is the model of the French brand Aixam. The City version is based on a diesel engine, which translates into low fuel consumption – 3.1 l/100 km. This car has a modern design, which is sure to appeal to many teenagers.

The car’s interior is also noteworthy, namely the intuitive cockpit. Importantly, the City model also boasts reinforced doors and front and rear bumpers. Thus, it is extremely safe.

Ligier JS50

The next proposal is again a representative of French technical thought, namely the Ligier brand. It can be associated with the start in, among others, Formula 1 competitions. Since 1980, it also creates micro vehicles. JS50 model is a two-seater vehicle which is very spacious for its dimensions. In addition, it offers users a large trunk. It is characterized by a beautiful body, in which the color of the roof stands out against the rest of the body.

Casalini Twist

The fourth proposal is the representative of Italy, namely Casalini with the Twist model. This is one of the best-looking vehicles from this segment. Italian designers took care of appropriate styling and slender lines, which translate into the fact that you can mistake this microcar for an ordinary city car from the A segment.

It is a diesel-powered vehicle that focuses on user safety. On top of that, the interior offers a number of modern features to enhance the driver’s comfort level while driving, such as heated windows and rear-view cameras.

Chatenet CH40

The last proposed vehicle is CH40 model from another French manufacturer which is Chatenet. Cars from this brand are considered to be among the safest in their class, which is especially important for teenagers.

The micro-vehicle is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 480 cc and 8 horsepower. It is a very economical model. Its average fuel consumption is only 2.9 l/100 km. Moreover, it is characterized by a unique body, which combines modernity and sporty style.

Fot. Tobi/pexels.com

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