Electric cars without chargers included?

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The garage is an ideal place to charge your electrician. The reason is mainly convenience and cost-effectiveness. Car manufacturers offer home charging stations, or rather pretend to have them in the offer. Where to buy such a device?

Where to find a charger?

Home charger will allow faster and above all safer charging of an electric car. A home socket can only handle 3 kW, but only for a limited time – prolonged charging can burn out the electrical system. The solution is a home charger, preferably a wallbox. Connected to the mains by a qualified electrician it can shorten the charging time by a dozen or so hours

Such charger can be offered by car producers, however this solution is not the most pleasant one. To the rescue come external producers who offer the same technology for less, although still big, money. The cost of such a facility is over three thousand zlotys

As for now, it is not likely that the market value of such chargers will fall. However, it would be a definite convenience for electric car users.

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