Ceramic engine oil additive

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Many drivers ask themselves: how to take care of their car? Systematic inspections, timely replacement of engine oil, fuelling with the right quality fuel and finally safe driving style are very important, but that is not all. As a car user you can do more. It is important to ensure that your engine and other components are properly regenerated.

Engine oil additives for longevity

Engine reconditioning does not have to be about disassembling the engine and costly specialist work in the workshop. There are also less complicated solutions, such as engine oil additives. This is an innovative product that is simply applied to the engine oil filler neck. The subsequent action involves the formation of a protective coating that covers the worn surfaces in the engine. However, friction surfaces are not only subject to regeneration. The ceramic additive in the engine oil significantly increases their strength. The regenerated areas become up to 8 times more resistant. This in turn makes it possible to avoid serious breakdowns and the costly repairs that go with them, and to extend the life of the engine.

Use after oil change – user’s guide

As we highlighted above, using a regenerative engine oil additive is simple, but there are a few rules to keep in mind. The overriding one is to use the product after, not before, an oil change. Why is this so important? Simply put, ceramic engine protection is produced from the time of application until approximately 1,500 miles have been driven. Changing the oil during this time would render the product completely ineffective. The second rule is to apply the additive after the engine has warmed up and turned off. If the application is over, the only thing left is to drive about 200 km. Drive very carefully, without exceeding the engine speed of 2700 rpm. Optionally, you can start the engine and let the car idle for 4 hours. Once this is done, you can return to normal vehicle operation. The engine regeneration will take place automatically, without the driver’s involvement

One ceramic additive to engine oil and many effects

It is worth realizing that engine regeneration is not the only positive effect resulting from the use of such a product. Drivers who reach for it can observe a decrease in fuel consumption, reduced engine oil consumption and more stable engine operation. Even a slight increase in engine power can be felt, and in winter one can count on an easier start. Most importantly, however, it helps avoid engine breakdown and extends engine life. The regeneration additive has no side effects, so it is completely safe for the entire mechanism. It can also be used with other products such as fuel additives. It is a good solution for newer vehicles as well as for those that are older.

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