Dacia Duster in LPG – is this car worth buying?

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LPG installation is an economical and ecological alternative to petrol engines. The benefits of LPG have also been noticed by Dacia producers, who decided to offer customers a new version of the popular Duster. Is it worth to buy this car?

Benefits of factory fitted LPG system

The benefits of LPG installation include, above all, low operating costs. While petrol prices are steadily rising and electric drive may be unsatisfying for many drivers due to a limited number of kilometers that can be covered without recharging, LPG installation seems to be a very good alternative. Moreover, LPG stations are as common as those selling fuel for combustion engines, so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas during your journey. LPG installation is also an ecological solution. Dacia in this version reduces by 10% the emission of carbon dioxide and by 70% the emission of nitrogen oxides in comparison with other types of engines, moreover, there are no particles in its exhaust gases. The owners of cars with factory LPG installation receive a guarantee and full service care including the inspection of the installation. When it comes to the advantages of factory LPG installation, the customer choosing this solution can be sure that it was installed by qualified specialists.

Dacia Duster with LPG installation

The TCe 100 is a three-cylinder petrol engine with a displacement of 1.0 and an output of 100 hp. It also reaches 160 Nm of torque, which allows for comfortable and smooth acceleration. This engine is characterized by the fact that it has managed to combine turbocharging, which allows to reduce fuel consumption and increase the drive unit, with multi-point fuel injection. Dacia manufacturers have used the installation of a popular brand Landi Renzo in their models. The gas tank is located under the floor of the trunk, in a place designed for the spare wheel. Dacia’s gas inlet is hidden under the petrol flap, thanks to which the car has no additional, unsightly holes. The only clearly visible element indicating that the car is equipped with gas is a small controller located on the left side of the steering wheel. With the controller you can check the gas level in the tank, as well as turn on and off the entire installation.

How does Dacia Duster with LPG installation work?

Dacia Duster equipped with LPG can use both gas and standard petrol version. Dacia with gas installation has two separate tanks for each type of fuel. The one with gas is located in the spare wheel recess. This solution makes the cylinder does not take up space in the trunk. Switching the power system from petrol to LPG is very simple and can be done in two ways: automatically (the car switches to gas after about 3 minutes of driving) and manually, using a switch located in the cabin.

Pros and cons of Dacia Duster with LPG system

The undoubted advantages of Dacia Duster in LPG include, above all, a very good ratio of offered capabilities to the price. The surcharge for LPG installation is 1000 PLN, which is quite a low amount to pay for a factory installed system. Moreover, if we take into account rising petrol prices, the amount of PLN 1,000 will quickly pay for itself. In addition, LPG installation is also an ecological solution that helps to preserve the environment. It is also worth noting that the Dacia Duster in LPG has excellent driving dynamics, and the difference in driving is practically unnoticeable. The ride itself is also relatively quiet and comfortable. Thanks to the use of two propulsion systems, it is possible to achieve a much longer range. The disadvantages of Dacia LPG include the lack of a spare wheel, which, however, must be taken into account when installing the system in a place designed for the wheel. Another significant disadvantage is the on-board computer is disabled, so while driving we do not receive information about fuel consumption, range or temperature.

Analyzing the pros and cons of buying Dacia Duster with LPG installation, it is hard to resist the impression that this is a car worth giving a chance. Especially if we take into account the minimal cost of the installation, which can pay for itself after just a few weeks of use.

(Photo: Renault Group press materials)

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