What vehicle to choose for city driving?

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Getting around a big city without a proper vehicle can be quite problematic. However, it is worth opting for one of the greener and more economical alternatives to the car. We suggest which vehicle you should choose for city driving

Scooter, or getting around the city in Italian style

The Italians are often associated with moving around the city streets on beautiful and stylish scooters. This is a great solution, especially for summer and spring, which you can also opt for

Scooters, especially electric-powered models, are undoubtedly a means of transportation that all supporters of eco-friendly alternatives will love. Their size is also a huge plus. Thanks to the fact that scooters are rather small, you can easily park them anywhere and you can also cleverly avoid traffic jams and other obstructions on the road. A great advantage of scooters is also the ease of use and the fact that they do not require a special driving license.

Moped or motorcycle for city driving

A motorcycle is also a great alternative to a car and slightly faster than a scooter. Moving around a crowded city with a motorcycle will certainly be much faster and more comfortable. Remember, however, that a motorcycle intended for city driving will be different from a motorcycle for longer trips – it will be, above all, smaller and lighter. So remember that if you want to ride a model with a larger capacity engine, you will need to pass a category A driving license

Another solution is to buy a moped. It has a slightly smaller engine than a classic motorcycle and therefore does not require a driving license. So it is a perfect solution for teenagers as well. So if you are interested in such an option, be sure to check out the offer of promotocykle.pl, in particular Zipp mo peds and Romet mopeds.

The most ecological means of transport, that is bicycle

The most ecological and at the same time the healthiest means of transport is certainly a bicycle. What are the advantages of choosing this vehicle to ride around the city? First of all health benefits. Regular cycling will strengthen the heart and protect against atherosclerosis

Additionally such a daily physical activity will improve the condition and endurance of your whole body. Thanks to that the risk of diseases of civilization significantly decreases. If you decide to ride a bike all year round, your body will toughen up and your immunity will increase. It is also a great option for people who want to develop their dream silhouette. Cycling strengthens all muscles, especially leg muscles.

Electric scooter

A great alternative to classic means of transport are also electric scooters. Jet is a simple, ecological and inexpensive means of transport. They have recently become extremely popular, especially in larger cities. In most of them it is possible to rent such a scooter for minutes

However, what kind of scooter to choose if you prefer to have your own equipment? The most important parameter you should pay attention to is certainly the range of the scooter. It depends primarily on the capacity and performance of the installed battery. Also check the charging time of the scooter. Its weight is also very important – the lighter the model, the easier it will be to control it.

main photo: Vladimir Vinogradov/unsplash.com

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