What should a car be like for a senior citizen?

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People over 60 are often great behind the wheel and a vehicle is essential for them to function. What should be the features of a car intended for a senior citizen?

Learn a few essential rules which should be followed when buying a car for seniors. First of all, the car should be faultless. The car must not generate costs and put the elderly person in danger on the road. Defects in the suspension, brakes or engine are not advisable. The fewer defects, the better. When buying such a vehicle you can resign from, for example, technological novelties, which will not be used by the elderly person.

A vehicle for a senior citizen should also be inexpensive to maintain. A low-smoking engine is certainly advisable, but the third-party liability insurance and possible additional charges are also important. When choosing a car, remember about its relatively small size (it is easier to park and move in such a car) and not too high – getting into a crossover may be uncomfortable for an elderly person.

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