How to care for a used car?

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Rapid loss of visual appeal and greater susceptibility to defects are just some of the problems that can arise after buying a used car. Owning an older vehicle involves more responsibilities than in the case of a new car. Therefore, it is worth taking proper care of it.

Exterior of the car

Visual aspects are an important issue for all cars – the vehicle accompanies us every day, and a poor appearance can dramatically affect its value, perception of the car owner and comfort of travelling. Choosing the right car that meets all of your requirements is quite a challenge. This should be a motivation to take the best care of your car. Everyday and intensive exploitation largely contributes to the emergence of various defects and damages. This is a completely natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided. The only solution is to apply appropriate measures that will help to keep the vehicle in perfect condition for as long as possible. Both in terms of visual and mechanical.

Car repair shops offer numerous cosmetic treatments that will positively affect the aesthetic value of the vehicle. Available services remove previous traces of use, as well as extend the life of the car. This is especially important for older cars that have been used by other owners. The services offered include:

  • paint restoration and polishing,
  • cleaning of car upholstery,
  • odor neutralization,
  • car waxing.

Polishing and renovation of car paint

We may encounter a situation where the car we use will have a damaged paint coating. The solution in this case is simple – just go to a car repair shop, which offers paint correction. Polishing and renovation are procedures as a result of which we will get rid of all defects such as scratches, tarnishes and holograms. The entire process is performed manually or by machine, sometimes with the use of dedicated abrasive paper. This treatment will further increase the shine of the vehicle.

Car waxing

Car wax is used to improve external appearance and protect against harmful atmospheric factors. As a result of this treatment, a protective layer is formed on the surface of the car, protecting the car body from salt and acid rain. The waxing process should be repeated regularly.

Cleaning the car upholstery

Regular cleaning of the car interior should be a habit of every car owner. The amount of bacteria that reside there can negatively affect the well-being and health of the driver and passengers. Neat, tidy upholstery will undoubtedly improve the comfort of driving, as well as guarantee the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle’s interior. Professional car upholstery cleaning usually takes place with the use of a washing vacuum cleaner and specialised agents. If you have the right equipment, you can perform this process yourself in your garage.

Odor neutralization

Previous car owners may have left behind odors that are difficult to get rid of – this is a particularly noticeable problem if the previous driver smoked in the car. The easiest way is to buy a so-called neutralizer, which costs from 10 to 50 zloty. Before use, check whether the preparation can be used on leather or suede. If the car is equipped with upholstery made of such materials, you can irreparably damage it. A very effective method of removing unwanted odors can also be ozone or ultrasound cleaning of the interior. The first method consists in absorption of particles of cigarette smoke, mould and other odours by ozone. The second method is less popular but very modern, ecological and effective. It is based on moving sound waves in a conductive medium.

It is the interior that counts

Every driver is aware of the fact that the higher the mileage of a car, the more defects there are. Older cars can have problems with the drivetrain, braking system and battery. When you own a used car, it’s important to remember periodic maintenance and repairs.

Cleaning the engine compartment

Many people skip this procedure, considering it unnecessary. However, the engine should be in excellent condition – it is the heart of the car. Neglecting this part of the vehicle can cause a number of extremely dangerous breakdowns. Oil seals should be replaced and all the details cleaned, followed by maintenance that will extend the life of the engine compartment components.

Replacing parts

Replacing individual parts is not necessarily related to vehicle malfunctions. The natural course of things is wear and tear, especially on older cars. Once a year should be replaced parts such as cabin filter, fuel filter (Diesel), engine oil with filter, and windshield wipers. On the other hand, every two years it is recommended to change the brake fluid, air filter, fuel filter (gasoline engine) and inspection of air conditioning. From time to time it is worth checking the suspension geometry, replace or recharge the battery and buy new tires.

Remember to systematically service your vehicle! Thanks to this you will be sure that even the oldest model will serve as a safe, comfortable and functional means of transport.

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