Lexus CT200h – economical and luxurious

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Lexus and hatchback – doesn’t sound like a typical combination, does it? However, the Lexus CT200h proved that this mix is indeed right.

Lexus CT200h – a luxury compact car

Premium brands, when creating their models, usually turn to types of vehicles that are immediately associated with luxury. Of course, at the top of this list are sedans, sometimes station wagons, while more and more often we can find top SUVs and crossovers, which, of course, storm the automotive world as far and wide as it goes. However, finding a hatchback that can be included in the premium segment group is already quite an art, and we can count such designs on the fingers of one hand.

An interesting option in this case is offered, or rather proposed, by Lexus. The CT200h model is a full-fledged compact car, although, of course, it is very far from a typical compact. After all, we’re talking about a brand that over the decades of its existence has accustomed us to producing not only vehicles with enhanced levels of comfort or safety, but also cars characterized by impressive performance. Despite its inconspicuousness, the Lexus CT200h combines all the aforementioned features, making it a truly intriguing choice.

Key features of the Lexus CT200h

Lexus CT entered the market in 2010, being, by the way, the first luxury hatchback with a hybrid drive. The title of pioneer, however, would not be able to ensure its market success. So what are the most significant strengths of this model and what made it able to survive on the market for as long as twelve years? 

First and foremost, the brilliant power unit. The two-liter hybrid was the only engine option available for this car, but if something worked well, why change it? Overall, the Lexus CT200h is considered to be one of the least failure-prone hatchbacks available on the market at all.

Of course, all this is combined with the typical design of the Japanese brand, headed by the trapezoidal grill, great equipment and state-of-the-art systems, although, of course, we should not expect from this model what we expect from the flagship cars of the manufacturer from the Land of the Cherry Blossom.

How can you currently get a Lexus CT200h?

The Lexus CT200h was withdrawn from the Polish market in July 2021, while in March 2022 the CT200h received a farewell version on its home market called Cherished Turing, which buckles the 12-year production period of this car, thus obviously closing it.

So if you would like to stock up on a Lexus CT200h at the moment, the chances of finding a new copy are, unfortunately, already slim. However, it is worth looking for an ad on automotive portals. Currently, the average price you have to pay for a Lexus CT200h ranges from 9,000 to as much as 26,000 dorars, depending on the year of production and equipment version.

main photo: Lexus brand press materials

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